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Why You Shouldn’t Buy from the Listing Agent

I’ve got a serious myth to debunk.   That is, that many feel they don’t need a buyer’s agent because they think they can “get a better deal” by using the listing agent to purchase a property. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and here’s why:


3 Reasons Why You

Shouldn’t Buy From the Listing Agent

#1: We Represent the Seller. Strictly.

If I’m a listing agent, guess who I represent? The seller.  Strictly.  My job is only protecting the seller’s best interests.  That includes getting them the highest price possible for their property.  Plain and simple. You’re not getting any deals.


3 Reasons Why Every Home Buyer Needs a Realtor

#2: Commission.

When a Realtor and a Seller agree to a commission, it’s one gross commission.   The listing side, and the selling side. If another buyer agent sells the property, they get the selling side. But if you choose to be unrepresented then the listing agent gets the entire commission, as agreed from beginning.  The listing agent doesn’t get half because you aren’t using a Realtor, that’s NOT how it works.  They get the gross commission.  You’re not saving anything.  In fact, you’ll save more money using a Buyer’s agent who will be able to suggest inspections, negotiate findings and save you money in the long run.  So if anything, using a Buyer’s agent will be saving you the most money, not the listing agent.  

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#3: Clean the Kitchen Appliances

Using a buying agent ensures that YOUR best interests are taken care of, & when using a buying agent is basically free, as the seller pays for our commission, why wouldn’t you?

Dont Buy from the Listing Agent - 3 Reasons Every Home Buyer Needs a Realtor

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