Scheduling Showings - LUXE Real Estate Team - Pemberton Holmes Cloverdale - Victoria

Private showings are an opportunity for qualified buyers to get a chance to see your home at their own pace.  Not all buyers can make the open house on the weekend, therefore you may receive requests during the day or night to view your home during the week.  You may request a viewing schedule – for exmaple if you work from home and wish to not be disturbed – but for the most part it is very wise to be as accommodating as possible.  Here is what you should expect when we are to be scheduling showings for your home: 

Please Let the Realtors be the Tour Guides

Please do not be at home during showings.  Contrary to what you may think, buyers are quite uncomfortable – in one way or another – when the seller is at home and especially when the seller tries to be the tour guide.  Go for a walk, get your hair done…anywhere but home.

Pack a lunch.

If you’d like to be as accomodating as possible for showings, pack an emergency over-night bag in the car. If you’re expecting to receive lots of traffic through your home, and at short notice, you might run in to a last minute showing and be stuck without a change of clothes or food for a while.

Setting the Schedule.

If you have a strict schedule and need to be at home, you can request that showings are to be booked with adequte (12-24h) notice or during certain timeslots. You may simply need to tidy the house, or may need to make arrangements for children, pets, or family members with mobility issues.


If your property is partially (or fully) tenanted, it should be known that the BC Residential Tenancy Act requires 24 hour written notice to the tenant. Tenants may also specify certain days or times which must be adhered to. If you’re planning on selling your home it would be very wise as well as considerate to inform the tenant as soon as possible.

You’ve Cleaned the Drawers, Right?

During showings buyers will open drawers, closets, smell the carpet, you name it. If it’s in the house, trust me…they’ll find it.  Make sure nothing accumulates on the countertops, nothing is shoved last-minute deep into a fully stuffed closet and that everything visible is neatly organized.

These Questions Need Answers

If Buyer’s have questions – and I don’t know the answer – try to respond to their inquiries in a timely manner. The sooner their questions are answered the more likely they are to be interested, and the sooner your home will likely sell.