Buyer's need to visualize themselves in your home. Here's how you can help.

Treat it like a launch party

The best strategy is to host an open house the first weekend the home is listed.  Your home hitting the market should be treated like a big event.

Your Home Should Be Spotless & Staged

Your home should be exceptionally clean for the open house. Buyer’s will understand a bit of mess during a privately booked showing during a week day, but an open house is the opportunity for your home to really sparkle and shine.

Does It Pass The Smell Test?

Make sure not to cook anything that may have a particularly powerful smell, such as seafood, prior to the open house. Remember to take the garbage, compost bin and the cat’s litter box out of the home and allow fresh air in while you revitalize the air quality.

Setup Time!

Try to leave the home 20 minutes prior to the Open House. We will arrive early to set up materials, decor, and equipment for shooting live videos for social media. It’s not that we don’t want to say hello, in fact we ask that to arrange a meeting 20 minutes after the open house where we’ll have the public’s feedback to give to you.


Inviting the neighbours to a private showing of your home the night before the main open house is a great idea.  It accomplishes one of two things: allowing us to focus our time during the main event to serious buyers, and it allows us to get insider information and a history of the neighbourhood.