You asked. We told. Our Home Seller FAQ:

It’s likely you’ll have questions about the process of selling your home, and even more likely they’ll be so common we’ll have put together a page, just like this one.  We’re sure you’ll have a few that aren’t on this list, of which case we’d love if you contacted us to discuss further.  In the mean time, however, please in enjoy this basic Home Seller FAQ guide we’ve put together on the most popular questions you’ll probably have. 

Please enjoy our Home Seller FAQ

Do I have to hire a Realtor to sell my home?
Of course you can try to sell your own home!  However, many home seller’s quickly realize that the time, marketing costs, expertise, liability, legal matters, and experience to tie it all together is surely the reason why more than 95% of home owner’s choose a Realtor to sell their home.    Do you think you’d like to give it a try?  You can find out if you’re ready by asking yourself some questions:

  • Do I have experience negotiating and co-ordinating Real Estate transactions?
  • Am I able to properly qualify interested and unrepresented parties?
  • Do I have the free time to show and host for buyers?
  • Do I have money set aside for advertising & marketing?
  • Do I have the free time to respond to countless inquiries about the home?
  • Am I aware of the law; requirements, and legal responsibilities of sellers?

If you answered “no” to most of these questions, we suggest giving us a call to discuss how the LUXE team can help.  

How Much Does it Cost to Sell My House?
The main costs to sell your home would arise mainly from legal fees, real estate commission, & mortgage penalties. You should also consider capital gains and property taxes, if applicable. There may also be maintenance, staging, and renovation costs if need be.
Should I Have a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Performed?
We highly recommend it, yes. Having a pre-listing home inspection means that you’ll be able to remedy any major issues prior to listing your home for sale, or at the very least be aware of the condition of your home. This report will greatly improve your negotiating position, as you won’t have any surprises from the buying party after they present the outcome of their home inspection to you.
Do I Need to Be There for the Inspection?
It’s not required, but it’s a good idea. Following the inspection, the home inspector will be able to answer questions about the report and any problem areas. This is also an opportunity to hear an objective opinion on the home, and if there are any repairs to be done whether or not they are worth fixing prior to listing it for sale.
My Home Isn’t Selling. What gives?
It’s hard for us to answer that without knowing the details. However, there’s usually three reasons why a house isn’t selling: #1) It isn’t priced correctly #2) It doesn’t show well #3) It isn’t marketed properly   What has the feedback been so far from other Realtors and buyers? What has been selling recently in the neighbourhood? Are there any new changes in the market? These are some of the questions to be asking your Realtor.
We’ve signed a listing with another Realtor. Can we fire them?
That really all depends on what is stated in your Multiple Listing Agreement. If your Realtor isn’t living up to the agreement, the first step is a respectful, calm, and honest conversation. The agreement you have signed will detail the listing price, remuneration (commission) and length (usually 90 days) of the listing-term/contract. Usually this agreement cannot be terminated unless mutually agreed upon, unless a clause or wording has been added as such.   If the conversation doesn’t remedy the situation you’ll have to discuss with the real estate brokerage – specifically the managing broker – the options for termination. After all, this agreement is with the brokerage, not the Realtor.
What time of year should I sell?
December and January are statistically the slowest months here on the Island. Late summer takes a lazy third place, as many are out on vacation before the new school season. Things are definitely more active in the spring here, but that also increases your competition. There’s no easy answer to this question and depending on the type of property you own, it may even be of benefit to list your home when there’s less available. If you are unsure of what approach to use when selling your home it may be wise to sit down with your Realtor to discuss your options. At LUXE we are always willing and able to discuss a plan of action for you.