Drum Up Some New Vibes Inside.

Why Stage Your Home?

Professional home staging is a process that is highly sought after by many home sellers. This creative approach produces a unique and inviting space that attracts buyers by complimenting the home’s best features. House staging involves an assessment of the client’s home and a careful process of depersonalizing and redesigning. Through this process, home stagers create a sense of possibility for potential buyers. Redesign is a vital aspect of the home staging process, as it optimizes the your space through the strategic organization of existing furniture and home accessories. There’s no need to remove all the furniture and replace it with ornate designer trinkets; that’s not what staging is about!  Staging is about allowing buyer’s to see themselves in your home.

Let’s Begin the

Basic Home Staging Guide

#1: It's Time to De-Personalize

It's nothing personal. We love your family too!

Any personal effects should be targeted first for storage; family photos and mementoes, framed degrees from college, and everything else that’s a direct link to the current owner’s personal & family life.  Buyers want to imagine themselves in the house they are viewing, so the more your home helps them envision and feel themselves living there the easier that is.  Removing the giant framed family portrait that greets visitors as they enter the home would probably be a good place to start!

What You'll Need

  • U-Haul Boxes or Rubbermaid Containers
  • Packing Tape
  • Newspapers or Bubblewrap for Padding
  • Courage
  • An Hour of Your Time

#2: Adding Neutrals

Minimize & Neutralize. Don't Sterilize!

Although you’re in love with that colour-of-the-year accent wall, some buyers may not be.  A fresh coat of bright, neutral paint will help buyers envision their decor and furniture in the room.  Neutral colour does not mean a lighter shade of colour; Green or peach undertones are not neutral.  Stick with off-whites or warm greys if you need to paint a large space. These neutral colours will add a sense of airiness and in turn make the room seem larger.  Adding bright throw pillows, or bold center-piece items like a bright red kettle on the stove will be noticed as soon as you enter the room, and will stick in buyers minds once they leave.  Fresh flowers near a refreshment tray for guests with colourful cookies are another great idea.

Basic Home Staging Guide - LUXE Real Estate Team - Neutral Decor

What You'll Need to Paint

  • Several Gallons of Paint
  • Paint Trays + Inserts
  • Drop Cloths & Spill Rags
  • Brushes + Rollers
  • T.S.P or other Cleaner
  • Several Days (Size of home/rooms?)

#3: Adding Light and Space

Create a bright, inviting, and warm space

Warm lighting and well-placed mirrors can make your home feel bright, inviting and even bigger. Mirrors placed over fireplaces, and along hallway walls will make rooms appear larger than they are. Table lamps, and overhead lighting like chandeliers and sconces will brighten rooms and add some flair to your decor.

Seller Guides - Staging Basic Guide - LUXE Team

What You'll Need to Brighten

  • Light Bulbs (same colour temp) 
  • New Lampshades
  • New Chandelier 
  • Mirrors
  • Windex
  • Hammer, Nails, Level

#4: Staging With Purpose

Make it obvious what each room is for.

Potential buyers get confused by rooms that have a mishmash of uses. To avoid this problem, first clear away clutter and excess furniture.  Try to remember that minimizing the clutter in the room will create the sense of more space.  Stick to a particular theme and go with it.  Use the extra nook or room as a study or a small office, or maybe even a home gym or meditation room.  

Staging Guide - Sean Carrie Real Estate

Don't Overcomplicate Things

  • Determine Your Demographic 
  • Get Inspiration Online
  • Pick a Theme & Keep It Simple
  • Rent Furniture If Necessary 
  • Visit Home Sense for Accent Pieces

#5: Create an Inviting Scent

Ya, but does it pass the smell test?

Sure your house is starting to look nice at this point, but does it smell good too?  Invite a friend over for dinner to find out.  One who isn’t afraid to tell you that it smells like wet dog.  Perhaps it’s time to head to the ol’ candle shop for some warm and inviting scents to add to your home while it’s on the market.  This will help buyers remember your home. Taking the time to bake cookies may not be in the mix, but a candle that smells like cookies certainly will do the trick.  

Candles - Basic Home Staging Guide - LUXE Real Estate Team

How to Air the Place Out

  • Wash the Curtains and Linens  
  • Empty the Garbage Regularly 
  • Buy an Essential Oil Diffuser 
  • Clean all Carpets & Floors 
  • Purchase Scented Candles 
  • Fill the Home with Fresh Flowers
  • Allow Fresh Air In Frequently 

#6: Create a Hotel-Chic Atmosphere

Let's Pretend You've Opened a Spa...

If your bathroom is lacking in the looks department, how about some cheap upgrades?  You can get matched ensembles that include toilet tissue holder, wastebasket, trays, etc. Aim for the hotel chic look: Crisp white towels neatly stacked in a towel holder, small trays on the vanity holding attractive toiletries or soaps (wrapped or unused) and scented candles.  Orchids or other exotic flowers look excellent in bathrooms, especially when the flowers are white.  

How to Air the Place Out

  • New Towel-Bar & Paper Roll Holder  
  • Upgrade the Sink Hardware & Faucet   
  • New Bathroom Mirror  
  • Scented Candles 
  • Small Arrangement of Flowers
  • Crisp, Fresh White Towels 

#7: Last But Not Least....

Is everything in good working order?

Now that your home is magazine worthy it’s time to take a step back and reassess the condition of the home.  While you were staging did you notice anything that needed repair, such as windowsill handles or a creaky door?  Are there any torn screens, cracked plaster or burnt out pot lights? You may have gotten used to seeing them at this point, so tour your house with a very detailed and critical eye (or ask your super blunt and honest friend to), and repair anything that needs it before your home hits the market.  Buyers will find anything and everything!