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Saanichton is a village located in the district of Central Saanich.   When you arrive to the village you’ll notice 4 beautifully carved totems which stand at all 4 border-entrances to the village.  Another well known spectacle is the lone tree sitting amongst huge daffodil fields; a popular spot for photographs.  Saanichton is located in the middle of the Saanich Peninsula and is very transit friendly and centrally located.  A very accessible and beautiful town. 

What started out over a hundred years ago as a train station is now a thriving and vibrant community.  Sticking to it’s transportation-roots, Saanichton is on a main exchange route for the BC Transit Bus system making it incredibly easy for anyone who rides by public transit.   The busses that come to Saanichton are often direct or “express” busses and the ferry and airport are within short distance. 

Saanichton - South Island Communities Sean Carrie Real Estate


You could say Saanichton is the head-honcho of the Central Saanich municipality.  At one of the main intersections in the village you will find the municipal office and the Central Saanich Police Department. People come from miles around to have dinner at the Prairie Inn and is quite a popular spot on the weekends.  The Saanich Peninsula hospital is a stones throw away, as is a walk-in clinic and several drug stores.  With Saanichton having a hardware store, pharmacy, and a large Thrifty’s it makes it easy to stay in one place

Saanichton - South Island Communities Sean Carrie Real Estate


South Island Communities - Saanichton

Although technically in the North Saanich municipality, Dean Park is a fabulous place for a hike with postcard views.  It is situated on Mount Doug in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods on the Saanich Peninsula.  When you make it to Pickles Bluff you’ll have a hard time keeping your jaw from dropping.  One of the beautiful things about being on the Peninsula is you’re never far away from the water.  Island View beach features spectacular views and is just a short trip across the highway.  

Just up the road in North Saanich is the Panorama Recreation Centre: a top notch fitness and aquatic facility and the epicentre of the Peninsula’s hockey fever.  The Rec Centre features countless year round activities and programs from high intensity spin classes to meditative yoga routines.  Down the road you’ll find two separate golf courses, which you can decide for yourself what the “good one” is. 

South Island Communities - Saanichton

What’s Local

South Island Communities - Saanichton

Some of the most popular events that happen within Central Saanich would be the Saanich Fair that takes place on the last weekend before the upcoming school season.  Also at the fair grounds is the Central Saanich Family Days event that is hosted by the Lions Club.  Don’t miss their pancake breakfast!  The seasonal farmers market which happens at (you guessed it) the fair grounds are an exceptional display of the hard working farmers and local artisans in the area.   Make sure to visit the produce stand by Dan’s Farm. 

Silver Rill Farms in Saanichton is home to the most mouth watering corn on the planet.  Make sure to try their Peaches n’ Cream variety!  Michell Farms is also a great place to take the kids for annual pumpkin picking.  They are a top producer on the peninsula of legendary quality and have been a part of the community for decades.   They also run Michell Excavating, if you were thinking of building your own custom home on the lot of your dreams.

South Island Communities - Saanichton

Schools near Saanichton

Keating Elementary

Bayside Middle School

Stelly’s Secondary

Homes Currently for Sale in Saanichton

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