Fernwood: A Victoria Neighbourhood Guide

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Fernwood is known throughout the city as a particularly warm, creative, and engaged neighbourhood.  Today, Fernwood hosts about 10,000 residents and attracts many artists and like-minded individuals due to it’s eclectic vibe and colourful atmosphere.   This neighbourhood is well-loved by the people who live here.  If you’re thinking of moving into Fernwood, you’ve made a great choice.   This Neighbourhood Guide on Fernwood should help.

Fernwood Neighbourhood - Sean Carrie Real Estate Pemberton Holmes - Victoria Guides

A Brief History Lesson:

Historically, a spring in Fernwood supplied Victoria with its main source of water, hence the earlier name of the neighbourhood, Springridge.   In 1875 Victoria began piping water from Elk Lake, and in 1885, the site of the original springs became the location of the Empire Brewery.   Residential development began in earnest in the 1890s, and many homes in western Fernwood and along Fernwood Road itself date from this era.   The commercial heart of Fernwood developed along Fernwood road in the 1890s and early 1900s and many of the commercial buildings in the village date from this time in part due to the intersection of Gladstone road and Fernwood road acting as the terminus of the streetcar line connecting the neighbourhood to downtown.


Fernwood Neighbourhood - Sean Carrie Real Estate Pemberton Holmes - Victoria Guides

Throughout the neighbourhood, you cant help but notice the colourful painted telephone poles. Since 2010, countless gallons of paint has been salvaged from the local landfill to be used as part of the Fernwood Pole Painting Project.

The Belfry Theatre is a neighbourhood landmark housed inside of an old church built in the late 1800’s.  The theatre performs around 12 plays a year.  If you’re looking for a lovely evening, this is the place to go.

Fernwood Square is the central hub of the neighbourhood where you’ll find the Fernwood Inn (Pub) and many local shops and artisan run businesses.  A lot has changed over the last couple of decades as Fernwood has changed from  historic and slightly unwelcomng atmosphere to a vibrant and artistic community.


Fernwood Neighbourhood - Sean Carrie Real Estate Pemberton Holmes - Victoria Guides

The Fernwood Pub & the Cornerstone (now Parsonage Cafe) are two of the biggest amenities in Fernwood.  Boasting it’s own newspaper – the “Village Vibe” – this neighbourhood never leaves you wondering what’s available in terms of amenities; many local artisans and shops are featured here.  Pigeonhole is quite an eclectic and beautiful home furnishings store, and 7 Rays offers metaphysical and spiritual goods.  If you’re a cyclist then the North Park Bike Shop is the place for you, located just a few minutes west of the village core.  There’s even tattoo shops here!

Local Events

Fernwood Neighbourhood - Sean Carrie Real Estate Pemberton Holmes - Victoria Guides

Fernwood hosts a lot of regular events!  From local performers & musicians entertaining countless people at Fernfest, or Food Workshops at the Fernwood Community centre, this neighbourhood is packed with events for the entire family.  You’ll also see one of the islands largest Vinyl Record conventions, “Vinyl Supernova” being hosted here annually.  Collectors from all over come to dig through dusty crates to find that rare copy that was thought to be lost.  The Belfry theatre also hosts many events and plays, such as the Spark Festival.  

Schools near Fernwood

George Jay Elementary

Central Middle School

Vic High

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