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Basic Home Staging Tips

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After you’ve decided to list your home for sale, you’re probably looking to sell it for the highest price and as quickly as possible.  One tactic that can help achieve these two things is staging.  Isn’t staging just decorating? Well, not exactly… Staging is preparing your home for sale to allow a buyer to perceive your home as their future home.  Have you ever walked in to an open house, taken a look around at the personal clutter and furniture and decided on the spot that the house wasn’t for you?  Well what if it was, but you just couldn’t see past all the junk?  99% of buyers will feel the exact same way about your bowling trophy’s from 16 years ago.  It’s time to talk staging!

Your Target Audience: Everyone

It’s very likely that you have decorated your home to meet your personal style, whether it’s vibrant and cheerful or rustic and industrial.   But when it comes to staging your home you’ll definitely need to appeal to the masses, and to do that you’ll need neutral decor rather than keeping to your specific theme.  For example: although you may really love clowns, a potential buyer will wonder if they’re buying a house or an evil carnival in their worst nightmare.   Tell me what photo looks better?

De-Personalize and De-Clutter

Buyer’s want to see themselves in a home. As sentimental as it may be to you, maybe it’s time to paint over your kids’ growth chart on the kitchen door-frame. In general, depersonalizing means removing family photos, bold artwork, and unusual furniture inherited from your great aunt. Use this time wisely to do some major de-cluttering so the buyer can view the potential space and storage opportunities. Yes, removing your personal items can be a major hesitation as these are what have made your home truly yours over the years, but remember…this is all part of the process. Look at it this way: you’ll be moving soon anyway, so why not use the time to get started now?

Neutral Doesn’t Mean Sterile

Who says neutral colours and décor means the home has to look sterile? Just stay away from the extremes like electric blue living room walls or pink floral wallpaper and you’ll do just fine! If you decide to paint, stick with off-whites, grays, or lighter shades of colour if you really feel like adding a bit of warmth to a room.   If you decide the room needs a boost of colour and you can’t seem to commit to an entire wall, add colour with accent furniture or décor such as pillows or throw blankets.   Remember, you’ll need to appeal to both genders so try to decorate and design accordingly.

Professional Staging

There are likely several staging companies in your area. If you need a recommendation, reach out to your trusted real estate professional. There are many different kinds of staging options available; some include using your own furniture without the need to orchestrate a huge ordeal. Other stagers have access to hundreds of pieces of decorating options from major furniture pieces to subtle touches of flair, such as a simple bedside lamp or plant.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions feel free to contact us

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