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5 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

5 tools every homeowner needs Sean Carrie Real Estate Pemberton Holmes

When you own your home, things are going to break and, unless you want to spend your money on visits from a neighborhood handyman, you’re going to need to fix them yourself. Luckily, you don’t need an arsenal of tools to handle most home maintenance fixes. These five tools will cover most of your basic projects.

The iPhone Flashlight Doesn't Count...

Why You Probably Need These

5 Tools Every Home Owner Needs: 

#1: Cordless Drill + Screwdriver Bits

A cordless drill is a must-have for installing cabinets, drawer pulls, hinges, picture frames, shelves and hooks, and more. Whether it’s for do-it-yourself projects or repairs, you’ll use your cordless drill just about every month.  Make sure your drill comes with various screwdriver bits, especially the Robertson (“Robby”) Head ones —  You’ll need those for just about every (proper) Canadian-made item, and especially if they’re wood screws.  

5 tools every homeowner needs DRILL

#2: Drain Cleaning Capabilities

Shower and bathroom sink drains are susceptible to clogs because of the daily buildup of hair and whisker clippings. You can use chemical clog removers like Drano, but they’re expensive and the lingering chemical scent is unpleasant. Instead, buy some plastic drain cleaners that can reach into the drain to pull out the clog of hair and gunk. You can purchase them on Amazon or at a local hardware store for a low price.  One of my top recommendations is to purchase a small sink-plunger.  You’d be amazed how well they work at removing clogs from kitchen sinks.  If all else fails, buying a professional snake might be the best bet in de-clogging the gunk.  

5 tools every homeowner needs DRAIN

#3: A Shop Vac

No matter how careful you are, spills and accidents will happen and there are some tasks that just can’t be handled with paper towels or a standard vacuum, like pet messes or broken glass.  The ability to vacuum up water will be a godsend when the time comes.  Otherwise, you’ll be reluctantly using the “good towels” to soak up that massive bowl of cereal that’s quickly finding it’s way into the rug, or hardwood floor.  

5 tools every homeowner needs VAC

#4: Ladder or Step-Stool

Short or tall, you’ll need a ladder in your home.  Whether you own a house or a condo there will be times when you just can’t reach what you’re doing. Having a proper and safe method to reach the top shelf, or clean the windows will be essential.  Too many times people will stand on a rickity old milk crate or kitchen stool and will end up with broken wrists.  A step-stool or ladder is a necessary and highly praised tool for many home owners.  

5 tools every homeowner needs DRILL

#5: A Proper Flashlight

You’re going to want something a little more powerful than your iPhone flashlight when you’re in the crawlspace!  A flashlight is a great tool to have in your drawer, but don’t just stop at one.  You’ll be stumbling around in the dark if there isn’t a few scattered throughout the house in easy to find places.  

5 tools every homeowner needs DRILL

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